Where I’m From: Spokane, WA

I grew up in Spokane, WA and the surrounding areas. I think the Sway would be a good way for students to express their knowledge in a different way. It’s a little difficult to use but could be functional. It can be edited by multiple people, but I don’t know how easy it would be to use with a group. I didn’t like how the captions can’t be shown all the time, but by using text it can function as a caption. I don’t know how I would use this in the classroom specifically, but a project could be made around it.

2 Replies to “Where I’m From: Spokane, WA”

  1. Hi!
    It looks like spokane is a lot of fun!! you did a great lob using all the elements that sway has to offer.

  2. A fine tribute to Spokane. That skate way is cool. What a great idea. You did a excellent job using Sway to tell your story.

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