I Am From Sydney, Aus

This is a blog post about where I am from. I included general things about Australia and specific things about where I live/about me. Sway was pretty easy to use to create this story. It was easy to add images and text and create a story this way. I like how you can change the style of the story by either changing the colour scheme or layout. This gives a great range of creativity to the site and would give students the chance to create something unique.

Students could use Sway to create their own story about themselves or they could create a project about a particular topic. I think students would be able to use this technology with ease and could also work in groups to collaborate on something.

If I was to use Sway for another project, I would play around with it more and try out the different layouts that you can use!

4 Replies to “I Am From Sydney, Aus”

  1. I really like your sway Megan. I enjoyed that you provided facts about Sydney, as well as your family, especially your dog! Great touch.

  2. I really like your project, learning about the different things you and your family do! The pictures for sure made me want to visit one day, and I loved how you made it like a poem! 🙂

  3. You did a excellent job of following the style of “Where I’m From” and expressing it via Sway. First rate!

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