San Ramon, CA

Growing up in the Bay Area was a wonderful privilege I will always be grateful for. I was exposed to many different cultures and customs, and had great opportunities to immerse myself in educational programs and experiences. Putting together this presentation on Sway was surprisingly easy and straightforward. The program is definitely user friendly and allows creative freedom. I can definitely see myself using this resource for presentation in my classroom in the future.

Cover Image: Moonrise San Fransisco Bay

2 Replies to “San Ramon, CA”

  1. What a great project! I love how you share about your upbringing and share different things that you would do growing up. I liked how you had one big idea, then smaller ideas and pictures to represent them! My favorite was the food part! Great job!

  2. Very thoughtfully designed and written. You leveraged Sway as a storytelling tool. The accent on food reminds me of Tokyo (where our daughter and family are finishing up a 3 year post). Great food there as well – though not much cultural diversity.

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