Where I’m From

I used Sway for this assignment. I really liked the layout and how you could get a lot of different images, even with specific searches. There wasn’t any way I could let an image be in the background with the text in front of it. This only happened with the title slide. There was also no way the text and image could be next to each other and was only allowed to be separate. I think that Adobe Express would have been better. Overall, it has more variety of fonts and layouts. Below is a link to view it.


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  1. Hi Sophia! My Sway theme I used allowed me to only put the heading text over photos, so maybe it’s based on what theme you use? It looks clean though, less distracting than I feel like mine could be to some people. Having the text over images can make them hard to see — I ended up with a white tint added to images which covered some faces so sometimes the simpler the better.

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