Facial Expressions Activity

This activity is designed to help students learn more about how we can tell what others are feeling based on their facial expressions. That sometimes when people don’t verbally express how they are feeling, you can use clues from their face and body to gain information. As a class we will analyze three pictures of different facial expressions and the different aspects of their facial features that inform us as to why we think they feel that way.

Prompting Questions:

How does their mouth look? How do their eyebrows look? Does their forehead have wrinkles?

This is a picture of a little girl excitedly pointing at a computer screen. Next to a little boy with his arms up
How does the little girl feel? What facial cues can we use?
A young boy with his fist clenched and his eyebrows furrowed
How does this little boy feel?
A women with her hand spread on the side of her face, her mouth open wide and he eyebrows arched up high
What body clues can we use to tell how she is feeling?

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

2 Replies to “Facial Expressions Activity”

  1. such a smart use of the images! This is an important lesson to talk through with students, and I love the integration of technology and digital images to enhance that.

  2. Good prompts direct student to more closely examine each face. Important for students to do a “close reading” of the image. Your featured image is great – captures a range of facial expressions in a clever way. Excellent choice

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