Where I am from… Now where I am going?

Graduation 2019: Now What?

After using both Sway and Adobe Spark to create a pages presentation, I have determined that I like Adobe Spark better.

I think it is intrinsically easier to use, but there is less freedom with what kind of formatting you can do. Formatting isn’t hugely important to me because I think that the way that it is formatted makes it easy to get information without getting bogged down with how it looks.

I think that it can be used as a variety of ways, and possibly even replace PowerPoint in some cases. Students and teachers could use it to create presentations that include photos that they are explaining.

I don’t think it would be that necessary to use Adobe Spark Pages for presentations that were mainly text because this tool is more effective when you have images to look at as well.

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  1. I love both of your pages, they both visually appealing to look at! You are going to have so much fun in Hawaii with all that sunshine! And congrats on getting into the PACE program! 🙂

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