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Hello 3rd graders! Have you ever used a map before? Maps are tools that we can use to help orient ourselves and figure out directions to get somewhere. Some maps show us the geography of the land area, some show us the highways and roads while other maps like thematic maps show us the weather of the specific area. For today’s assignment, you are going to be asked to create your own map of your neighborhood after taking a walking tour around. With a parent or guardian, you are going to take a walk around your neighborhood and make note of any specific landmarks like coffee shops, parks, or stores that make up your neighborhood. Then you will be asked to make Google My Map of all the places you visited on your neighborhood walk.


  • To have the student feel comfortable using an electronic map and become more aware of the own community they live in


  • Google My Maps Account
  • Electronic device
  • Paper & pencil


  • Make sure all students know how to log into their Google My Maps account and now how to create a new map
  • Show the students the different features of the application and how to add locations, edit names, add images
  • Have them go and the neighborhood walk
  • Have students create their maps using the locations they visited (Minimum 3 locations in the neighborhood)

Gallery Walk

  • After everyone has finished and submitted their maps the student will display their maps on their computer. Then the whole class will go on a gallery walk to see their classmates’ maps and the different things that some students included in their map

Example Neighborhood Walk:

This map was created using the University of Portland as its home base. The tour includes a stop at Sparrow Bakery, a trip to Fred Meyers, a nice stroll to Columbia Park, and then back to campus.

Featured Image: Image by macrovector on Freepik

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  1. Iliana, an excellent post – clearly sets out goals, material and process. Great idea to include a gallery walk. You provide an example for students to see what finished product might look like.

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