Top Natural Disasters in the US

This is a MyMaps to show the top natural disasters in the US. This would be used for older grades to educate students on where the natural disasters are. On each location, students can press of the location and find links, videos, and information on each disaster. I also think students can see geographically where many of the natural disasters happen. For instance, hurricanes are on the coast and tornados are inland.

3 Replies to “Top Natural Disasters in the US”

  1. Really cool idea Madi! Super great topic as well. I like all the information you put with the different disasters, that really allows students to understand why the disaster was so dangerous.

  2. This is such a great idea! It is difficult for anyone to imagine the effects of a natural disaster, so to have a variety of visuals on a map is really helpful. I think students would really benefit from this activity. Great job!!

  3. I like how students have access to information on different natural disasters just from one page! This would be great for research for a science project of some sort in regard to natural disasters.

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