Thinglink was very easy for me to use when it came to adding points, descriptions, videos, pictures, and audio. This tool seems like it could be incredibly versatile and educational in the classroom. I can see students using these pictures or virtual reality on tour creators to explore places or things they’re curious about or as an introductory lesson to a new unit. These apps provide priceless opportunities for students who my not have access to experience some things in real life. It reaches all students and allows them to think outside of their own school, neighborhood, or city.

I think visual and kinesthetic learners will really enjoy navigating the apps, clicking on the links, and learning about different topics through many modes of communication. These apps could also be used by older students as well to make their own projects on what they learned or what they want to teach others. These could be easily used in state or animal reports, and act as an engaging and interactive teaching tool in a lesson. I look forward to using these in the future!

Above is a simple interactive picture to get to know orca whales!

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