Technology: A Balancing Act

Photo by Bram Naus on Unsplash

Technology can be great. It gives us access to so many incredible services that can enhance our lives. It allows us to break borders down through communication over long distances and can entertain us for hours on end. And when it comes to our work and education it can open whole new possibilities to access information and applications that encourage creativity and learning.

I have realized over the past few years is that I can categorize the ways I use technology in three ways: Education/Work, Communication, and Entertainment. When it comes to using technology I find that it is a balancing act between these three categories. This balance can be represented using a triangle.

Photo by: Chantal Hummel

When your triangle is balanced all the sides are equal meaning you are spending equal amounts of your time on each category. But when more time is spent on one or two categories then the triangle becomes unbalanced and the other sides are smaller.

Especially with school being online, I put too much time into my school and entertainment. This means that my communication category lacks and I can forget to keep in touch with friends and family.

Technology can be great but it is hard work to keep it balances in my life.

4 Replies to “Technology: A Balancing Act”

  1. Not only do I love triangles… but I love the way that you used them in the slideshow to represent the inequalities that technology can present in your life. Math truly is everywhere. Great work!! (:

  2. Chantal,
    Yes! It is a balancing act! And I love how you used triangles to convey this balance. I really liked the slideshow of options of unbalanced triangles. I, too, tend to spend a lot of time with entertainment and school/work…

  3. Chantal, I really resonated with this post! The triangles were such an accurate and helpful visual – what a creative way to show how technology captures many parts of our lives. I have definitely felt some sides of my triangle lacking while others are taking up more of my time!

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