Teaching with QuickTime

We chose to use QuickTime to create a video about how to use Adobe Spark, specifically how to make a meme. We recorded the entire screen and explained the step by step process while we worked. We enjoyed using this medium of recording the screen because it was simple, quick, and effective. In addition to using QuickTime, we also used iMovie to add background music. We found that this minimized awkward pauses and keeps the viewers engaged while systems loaded.

Hope you enjoy!! 🙂

Audrey and Lauren

3 Replies to “Teaching with QuickTime”

  1. I love how you used iMovie to add background music to the video. It was also a great explanation of how to use Adobe Spark whilst also using Quicktime.

  2. I thought you two did a great job of explaining Adobe Spark using Quicktime. I also agree that putting in music was a great idea and it made it entertaining. I can definitely see myself using Quicktime to make tutorial videos like this one in the future.

  3. Excellent. I’m going to be using this one in my summer MAT edtech day. Very clear instructions and demo.

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