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Over the course of ED 424: Technology in Education, I have used different technology tools to create a variety of posts that include possible activities for teachers to integrate into their own classrooms and posts that showcase myself in a creative outlet. I was exposed to many tools for the first time and though some were difficult to use, many I plan to incorporate in my own classroom with my students. Some of my favorite assignments were those that provided me with the opportunity to share something about myself in an individualized style, or those that enabled me to introduce learning content in a different manner than lecture and textbook teaching. Here, I have showcased some of those posts.

Using Microsoft Sway, I wrote a poem and used accompanying images to illustrate where I am from – “A Home on Zelzah Ave.” Though I felt the technology was a little difficult to use, I enjoyed working with the prompt and am happy with my final product.
I absolutely love this post of mine! The intention behind it was to create an assignment that helped Kindergarteners develop an understanding of their neighborhoods and be given the opportunity to map out some of their favorite places within it. This activity helps students learn about direction, distance, and their own home addresses.
Although not an activity I developed on my own, this post highlights some of the (dis)advantages and abilities of AI and how teachers might consider utilizing it in their classrooms.
I greatly enjoyed using Book Creator and plan to use it in my own classroom. I think being able to create a library that students and families can contribute to AND use as a resource is incredibly beneficial to all parties. In my post, I created “All about A” to provide young learners with the basics of the letter A. In reading this book, students will learn the vowel’s short and long sounds, how to write A’s upper and lowercase form, and identify some words that begin with “A”.
I highlight this post not because I necessarily favored the technology tool, but because I enjoyed engaging with the Google Forms I created and think others might also.
This post was developed in collaboration with a peer. Here, we highlight a technology tool, Ziplet, that allows teachers to integrate digital exit tickets, check-ins, assessments, and more with their students in a private and anonymous fashion. Ziplet is free to use, does not require students to create an account, and is a great way to build teacher-student relationships within the classroom.

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