Final project—A Supplemental Activity

For my final project I decided to create an online supplement Science activity for 1st graders. The point of this activity is to provide families with the tools and instruction they would need in order to do this lesson with their student(s). The learning target of this lesson is: TWL be able to answer the question, why can you only see stars at night? By watching and discussing key ideas they notice throughout a video. I have used edpuzzle to embed an instructional video with questions and notes that the learner needs to focus on in order to get the answer to their activity question.

With distance learning being the new thing, and many parents not having any idea what to do or how to teach their child, I have created my final project to serve as a simplified lesson plan, that parents of any student should be able to follow. By using google sites as my main technology, I was able to either link, embed or include everything a parent would need to complete this lesson with their student, making the daunting task of teaching their student a little less scary by having everything in one place, neat and organized.

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  1. Good job Lex, I really enjoyed working through your lesson! I think you have a good mix of information for both students and parents/guardians which is super important especially in these times. I also really like how you have a google form for getting information so students can share what they learned in a more intimate way then just having them write you something. I think students would get a lot more out of explaining their learning to you through speech rather than just writing.

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