For educators, I think one of the most practical uses of a screencast is recording a presentation or slideshow. This could be for students who are absent or might want to revisit a lesson.

In my screencast, I used an existing Ed Tech Methods lesson as an example. For Class 8, I created a Sway about where I’m from, Maui. I narrated this Sway as a self-introduction for people who might be want to get to know me or are interested in where I’m from. For example, I might present this on the first day of class and record it as I go.

Examples of integrating this could be: 1.) sending this to students who missed class that day, or 2.) sending it to parents who might want to learn more about me.

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  1. Good choice to narrate your Adobe Spark Web. It give students a multimedia introduction to you in your own voice. Combines well with images to tell “your” story.

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