Pros and Cons of Technology

It is not an exaggeration to say that technology runs the world. It is no surprise that basic necessities such as groceries can now be delivered straight to your door with the press of a button. Personally, I have mixed feelings about it all. There are moments where I want to experience a world without Instagram and online shopping, yet the next, I am so glad I don’t have to wait a week for a pigeon to deliver my message. In this post, I want to talk about and reflect on the ways technology both positively and negatively impacts my life.

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I am positive I am not alone in saying that social media and other mobile apps consume a large area of my life. I will get into bed at 11:00 pm, and not actually put my phone down until an hour later.

It is incredible how fast the time passes when I start scrolling on TikTok and watching YouTube videos (My most recent obsession being the reality house series…highly recommend). I must admit, I am pretty ashamed when my screen time report comes back every week and visually shows me how much time I wasted on my phone.

Aside from keeping me up all night, my doctor reminds me every single year how unhealthy it is and every single year I tell myself I’ll start changing my habits…Still working on that resolution.


To put it bluntly, technology is addicting. However, I believe that there are more positive than negative aspects to it.

Firstly, music is a huge part of my life and I can confidently say that I listen to music every single day and I have a playlist for every mood (even when I start getting homesick). It is nice to have the world’s music in one place with all the different streaming apps.

Second of all, without the internet and the collaboration it allows between people all over the world, I would 100% run out of recipes to try when I get bored of the same old. Cooking and baking is something I love to do, but I can only ask my mom to pass down so many meals – the internet is so vast and is full of countless dinner and dessert ideas.

Lastly, technology makes it so much easier to connect with those I love. My family are the most important people in my life and going to college away from home would have been so much harder if I could not contact them at any given time. Like I said, waiting for a pigeon carrier is not ideal.

Technology has its faults, but the good definitely outweighs the bad and I am glad to be coming up in the golden age of tech.

4 Replies to “Pros and Cons of Technology”

  1. Mykaela! I really enjoyed reading on the pros and cons of technology. I especially liked your point on cooking and using recipes in our daily lives. This just opened my eyes to how much we actually rely on technology in our everyday lives.

  2. Hey MyKaela! I totally agree that there are both pros and cons to technology in our lives. I also could not image my life without listening to music or finding recipes and ideas from Pintrest and TikTok. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  3. Mykaela, I enjoyed reading your “true confessions.” A thoughtful, balanced and cleverly illustrated post. I share your list of pros. Especially music, which is always on for me.

    But on the con side – endless scrolling. Sadly, that is the business model of TikTok, You Tube and most “free” social media. They are designed to keep us engaged – because we are the “product” being sold. Advertisers pay for our attention.
    PS. I scrubbed through a bit of reality house. Not quite sure about the reality part?

  4. Mykaela! I truly enjoyed reading through your post. I do totally agree with the points you make on either side of the argument. I think from this lesson my biggest takeaway is how much more connected we are now than we ever have been in society. I always feel a little disappointed in myself if I have spent maybe a little… too much time on TikTok or Twitter. But overall, I agree wholeheartedly with both your pros and cons. Awesome post!

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