Natural Wonders of Australia

This is a map of the natural wonders of Australia. I did it a map about Australia because a) I know more about Australia then I do about the US!, b) I thought it would be a good example of what students could do for the country they do live in. Additionally, students could use this example and create their own of a country of their own choosing. If you click on each icon, there are pictures and videos about the natural wonder. I think this is a great concept and use of technology. I did not know this existed before today but I plan on using it in the future to possible teach Geography and locations around the world. It is also a great resource for students to learn and use.

This could also be used to plan local field trips, visit local historical sites digitally and explore the local area. If being used to plan field trips, parents could be sent the map and they can see exactly where their children are going.

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  1. Hi Megan!
    Thank you for sharing the different wonders of your continent! It is beautiful! I am always interested in learning about other countries/continents and what makes them so unique. It will definitely be a great tool to have for your future classrooms.

  2. I can definitely see this being used in a unit about Australia. I love how you included different sources for each pin. You incorporated websites, pictures, and videos! This also made me realize all the natural wonders in Australia that I missed, luckily I can use your map to learn all about it 🙂

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