Life during the 2020 Pandemic on an Isolated Island

March of 2020 marked a big change for many people. COVID19 shocked the world. Many people were left feeling isolated as we navigate a new lifestyle of social distancing. COVID19 changed my life and sent me back to Alaska and instead of leaving me isolated in a singular home. It left my community isolated on our island.

So, here is a wrap up of my life during the 2020 Pandemic on an Isolated Island.

First thing is first, I had to leave Portland and head home to Metlakatla, Alaska.

To start I packed my things and hopped on a jet to Seattle.

Then I had to take another jet from Seattle to Ketchikan, Alaska.

Once I landed in Ketchikan, I got off the plane and sat in the baggage claim for hours waiting for my parents to pick me up on our fishing boat and take me back to our island.

Normally when traveling home, I would take two ferries. One from the island the airport is on to Ketchikan, and then another from Ketchikan to Metlakatla.

Once I got home, I spent a lot of time fishing, hiking, and on zoom courses.

I continued and finished the spring semester online and then continued with classes online for the summer semester and then the fall semester as well. This picture describes how I’ve felt almost everyday.

Strangely enough, I listened to this crime podcast to relax when I wasn’t in class or doing homework.

We had minimal COVID19 cases (less than 10 for the entire year), so I was still able to see friends. If I wasn’t in class or listening to my podcast, I was most likely with my friends on a car ride.

I enjoyed the few days of sunshine we had.
I endured one of the rainiest summers I’ve ever seen. The rain didn’t end in the summer, it continued to be one of the rainiest years as well.

Overall the year was crazy. It had its bad moments and it had its good moments. In the end, I was lucky to stay healthy and sane, so it’s all good.

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