Let’s Stay Connected!

My intention for this short book was to inspire my students to create their own books about what they have been doing since not being in school. I would like my students to use Book Creator to make their own digital picture book about what they have been up to and share it with their peers so they can al stay connected. A huge part of school is being social and interacting with your peers. COVID19 has made this much more difficult, but I think that this could be a great project to let kids be creative, implement some reading and writing, and let them feel more connected with their friends. Afterwards, I would like to have them write mini book reports on each other’s books! I really enjoyed using Book Creator, so much so that I am actually using it with students. I think that I will continue to refine my craft and start making this something I will implement into my class!

2 Replies to “Let’s Stay Connected!”

  1. Emma – I love this! This is such a good way to use writing to stay connected. I also love how you took a picture of your new normal and labeled it! I think your book shows your students that we’re all in the same boat and will be very encouraging to them! Great job!

  2. What a perfect idea for a Book Creator project. So timely and personal. Your sample is fun and demonstrates both what the app can do and how it can be used to communicate among students across time and place.

    I’m very excited to read that you are using the app with your students. Such a meaningful way for them to stay connected. And your idea for them doing “book reports” on each other’s work is brilliant!

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