Learning About Bats! Padlet vs Bubbl.us

Using Padlet and Bubbl.us, I created a KWL chart about bats. This lesson is geared towards 1st graders where they will be learning more about bats. This lesson provides the students with the opportunity to ask questions and tell the teacher what they want to learn, as well as showing what they already know and what they have learned after the lesson. Padlet is a great way for students to learn in a fun way, while also gaining knowledge and learning new things about bats. Bubbl.us is also a great tool to use but I would have to say I like Padlet better because it is organized, easy-to-use, and has many different formats.

Padlet can be used in a classroom to encourage students to share their ideas and have a voice. It gives students who are quiet or shy, the opportunity to feel comfortable sharing their opinions and contributing to the class. Padlet allows for all students to be able to see what their classmates are thinking but also provides independent work time. I like Padlet and think it is a great tool for students and teachers and could be used for such a wide variety of activities in the classroom.

Made with Padlet

3 Replies to “Learning About Bats! Padlet vs Bubbl.us”

  1. Good comparative review. I especially like that the two examples you made really showcase your reasoning – that Padlet is more visually appealing. Your Padlet came out great with solid visual and text content for each of the KWL.

  2. Thanks for sharing Allie! I really like how you have a focus on kids who may be shy or quiet in your class. I agree that apps like Padlet could help those students who do not feel comfortable sharing their opinions.

  3. Allie, I feel that this would be great way to incorporate technology in the classroom as students are usually already familiar with creating KWL charts! I also liked that you compared the charts using a list template template and mapping template.

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