I am from New Alresford, England

I am from New Alresford, England.
Where some roofs are thatched,
and most houses are cute and small.
Where shops are local businesses, 
and you'll always bump into someone you know.
Where I would walk the High Street after school,
and feed the ducks as a child.
Where watercress grows,
and trains ride through.
Where some of my family still lives,
and I visit each year.

I have tried embedding my story but it won’t work, so here is the link (https://sway.office.com/ydDpeFjitBU6FGYS?ref=Link).

I really enjoyed making my story with Microsoft Sway. It was easy to use and having images to use just by searching within the site was super helpful. This is a good tool to use for a lesson and could be fun!

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  1. Molly, I love that part of the world. All so charming and pastoral. We’ve stayed near there in a small village called Box – just east of Bath. And further north in the Cotswolds. Lucky you to have family there. I want to hear more when I see you next week. Now I want to watch “All Creatures Great and Small.”

    PS: I took the liberty of fixing your embed. I can show you how next week as well.

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