Simple Washingtonian

Haley Vick

I am a simple Washingtonian,

Born in Vancouver where the winters are cold and the summers are warm.

Where the leaves turn crisp and beautiful as Fall arrives.

As the cherry blossoms thrive once April hits.

Where we go to the movies,

to the beach,

and to the mountains.

In a home with love and food that fills me up

A home it will always be.

I liked using sway, especially how user friendly it is because I found it to be pretty straightforward. I thought that the pictures that it gave as suggested were pretty accurate and definitely usable. Some of them were quite standard, but it got the job done, and it also does allow for you to put in your own pictures as well.

2 Replies to “Simple Washingtonian”

  1. Haley, glad you liked Sway. You created a lovely tribute to your home town. Nice to see Vancouver step out of the “shadow” of Portland.

    BTW: You used the Sway URL. You should have gotten an embed code at Sway and put into the WordPress “Custom HTML” block. I fixed it so it displays properly.

  2. Haley, I loved the images you used to represent your poem on a simple Washingtonian. I also found Sway very easy to use and to customize the way I wanted to.

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