Helping Maya! Part 3

We are nearing the end of our Parrot unit, and have helped Maya gain lots of information about herself and other parrots, but there is still more to learn. Maya invites you to use her guide to help get information. While you explore the contents, think about which kind of parrot would make a good friend for Maya, and be sure to tell her in the quiz at the end! Click Helping Maya! or here to get started.

Maya invites you to also color a picture of her or a friend when you are done!

Color page courtesy of under Creative Commons licensing.

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  1. A great Maya trilogy of lessons – she’s breakin’ the internet.

    Well designed Google site. Thoughtfully written and nicely illustrated. Covers all the kinds of questions that would intrigue 3rd graders. I’m sure that this would be an effective teaching resource. It nicely showcases how Google sites can present more complex collections of information and learning tasks. Well done!

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