Tour Creator- Rome

I really enjoyed learning how to use this resource! I thought it was easier to use than ThingLink and enjoyed the 360 views. I could see this being used in a geography or history lesson. It is much more engaging to be able to explore the places rather than just read about them and see a 2-D photo. It certainly captures people’s attention!

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  1. Hi Lauren!
    I have always wanted to visit Rome! This was a beautiful and informational tour! I agree that using 360 photos is more engaging than 2D photos! However, I don’t see this outside a history or a geography lesson though. This is very limited too because it won’t provide pictures of most places you want to talk about (like for me when I wanted to show tourist sites on Saipan) unless you had a 360 picture you wanted to use. Nevertheless, what you created is beautiful! Great job!

  2. Hi Lauren!
    This is a very nice presentation capturing the highlights of Rome. I also love how ThingLink enables the viewer to see 360 views of an area. It’s a really captivating presentation.

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