Final Project – Who are you??

For my final project I decided to use Book Creator to create an introduction activity for the beginning of the year. I wanted this to be a type of get to know you activity for students to share whatever information about themselves they wanted with me. My example was designed for lower level elementary, most likely grades 2-3 but for my specific class I would have done it in second grade. I would do this activity in class, showing my book as an example and then walking the students through how I made my book and how the website works.

More specifically wanted to use this platform because I think that it gives students a way to really personalize their books with pictures, colors, different text and other graphics. I really liked how easy it is to import pictures from your own computer, and to choose different options to really personalize their books. I decided not to create any required things they have to put in there, but rather let them choose what they felt was most necessary to share and what they wanted me to know the most. I would give the students a list of different ideas as well as a limit of 8 pages. I really like how easy it is to use this website and the many options it has.

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  1. Josie – this is a great idea for an introductory lesson! I like how you use Book Creator as a getting to know you activity instead of just a hand out. I also think you could return to this and talk about what an autobiography is later in the year or that first month or during the lesson. Nice work!

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