Final Portfolio: Using Technology to Build a Community in the Classroom

Featured Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

A tool that can be very under utilized in creating community in the classroom, is technology. This year, in Covid times, teachers had to rely on tech to not only add to creating their classroom community, but rely on it to create their whole community. This semester I worked on making posts that can be outreach to student interests (Cooking recipes and reading through overdrive), as well as creating a space for them to get to know me (10 Things to do Before I Die), and a space for me to get to know them (Getting to know you). I also focused a lot of energy on creating a class website that could be used by students and parents to stay up to date on various things. Below are my posts that worked to build a community in the classroom, enjoy!

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  1. Hey Abbey!

    I love that your portfolio is all about building community through these tools we’ve learned. I feel like it is so important to build a strong community within your classroom, especially this year!

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