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This google form would serve as a getting to know you tool before kids start school. When I took ED 426, Classroom Management, Dr. Hilary Merk explained how important it is to get to know your students’ hobbies, how they learn, difficulties learning, etc. This is an easy way to get a lot of information very quickly that you can incorporate into your classroom from day 1.

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  1. Very thoughtfully designed and presented. I really like the feedback where you share your learning challenges and then ask students to elaborate on theirs. I think students would take to the process.
    Cute gif at the end.
    Great example of how to use Google forms to make connections with students.

  2. I agree that getting to know your students is so incredibly important! Especially during distance learning, this seems like a great tool to use to learn a bit more about them. I really like how you include fun/personal questions in addition to school-related questions to get a fuller picture of each student’s life.

  3. I like this, and may have to “borrow” the idea for when I get my first classroom. It is easily something that can be sent out before school so you have just a little more information on maybe setting up the classroom, or even decorating. This could be used with most any grade level, which makes it even better!

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