Final Portfolio: Making Technology Accessible

At the beginning of this journey, I started with what I thought was a decent understanding of technology, but I knew that I had a lot to learn. Now that I have created content on various platforms and applications, I realize that I am fully capable of implementing technology into my classroom in this digital era filled with distance learning. I strive to continue to be a lifelong learner, and the gift of technology is no exception. As an educator, I will not only embed technology into the classroom, but I will make it easily accessible to my students and their guardians. I will do this using multiple platforms, however, all of these will be embedded into my Google Site. This allows everything to be in one place that everyone, including those who are not in my class, can access. Below are some examples of lessons that I plan on implementing, or have already implemented, into my teaching, including my current website.

My Class Website created with Google Sites. Students and their guardians can easily access this with a link. They can interact with the documents and contact me if they need assistance!
Implementing technology into already existing units. This is also embedded into my website.
Take an artist tour! Watch your students create their own tours based on their research of a world renowned artist.

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