Dear Future Me

April 18, 2033

Dear used to be me,

Wow, can you believe how far we have come? I am happy to report that we are teaching 1st grade at our elementary school, our dream job. We also got married and have a little one on the way! We moved around a little across Washington, a little of Montana, and Oregon, but only for a little. We finally have been abroad! We went to Japan for our college graduation and soon after went to Edinburgh, Scotland and Italy. We still have Germany, Amsterdam, London, and many more have been added to our bucket list for traveling.

Isn’t that so great? We used to worry so much about things not working out in the end…but here we are. I guess we should have taken everyone’s advice that everything would work out in the end.

You set us up for great success, so thank you so much for all your hard work, everything was well worth it. Yay!

Your future self.

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