Colors and School Supplies and Food, Oh My!

“School Supplies” by cbgrfx123 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Qu’est-ce que c’est dans mon sac à dos?

Prenez un photo de tes choses pour l’école qui sont dans ton sac. Faite une liste de ces choses avec le nombre et la couleur. Par exemple:

-trois dossiers (un bleu, un rouge, et un jaune)
-quatre crayons oranges
-dix feutres multicolore
-une bouteille de colle blanche
-douze batons de colle bleus
-vignt-quatre crayons gras multicolore
-deux cahiers (un blanc et noir, un blanc et vert)
-une bouteille de désinfectant pour les mains claire

[This activity is similar to one that I am doing with my sixth graders to learn colors and school supplies vocabulary. The idea is that they take a photo of what is in their backpack and create a list of their own supplies, labeling it with colors and numbers. This is great practice with gender/number agreement, false cognates, and adjective/noun word order. It also allows students to create their own product that reflects something about them and ensures they are able to communicate about things they personally have and use in the classroom.]

Hamburger Photo by Mike on Unsplash
Waffles Photo by Sheelah Brennan on Unsplash
PB & J Photo by Freddy G on Unsplash
Cupcake Photo by Haley Owens on Unsplash
Pineapple Photo by Miguel Andrade on Unsplash

Mes aliments préférés

Faites un collage de tes aliments préférés (cinq ou plus) et écrivez une petite paragraphe pour expliquer en français. Utilisez nos mots de vocabulaire! Par exemple:

Mes aliments préférés sont le petit gâteau chocolat, l’ananas, le sandwich au beurre de cacahuète et à la confiture, les gaufres, et le hamburger avec des frites. Les petits gâteaux chocolat sont la taille parfaite est je les mange pour mon anniversaire chaque année. L’ananas c’est mon fruit préféré parce que c’est très sucre. Je prends un sandwich au beurre de cacahuète et à la confiture toujours à l’école pour le déjeuner. Je le fais avec de la confiture à la framboise. La gaufre est le meilleur petit-déjeuner car on peut ajouter les fruits, le beurre de cacahuète, et le sirop. Finalement, j’adore le hamburger (avec du fromage et du bacon) et il faut le manger avec des frites, bien sûr!

[This activity is designed to work on food-related vocabulary. In addition to the basic food words that we will all learn, I want students to be able to personalize their knowledge. The above assignment makes sure they know how to talk about their favorite foods in French and encourages additional research/learning. It’s also easy for students to connect this to real-world situations to see how this form of communication can be used. It requires them to put the new vocabulary into sentence frames to express an idea rather than just learning single words. The photos act as a recall prompt (instead of using English).]

2 Replies to “Colors and School Supplies and Food, Oh My!”

  1. Great idea for a lesson. Uses real-world prompts effectively to support language skills. Plus imagine what kids will find in their backpacks! Should inspire them with creativity to prefect their language skills.

    One suggestion – you have two heading that are underlined. Makes them look like hyperlinks. Best to avoid that practice.

  2. Hi Rachel! This is such a great activity! It is fun, creative, and low stress but it also creates a safe learning environment for students to practice their new language skills. Love it!

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