All about shapes!

I really liked using this website to create short stories! For this assignment I did a basic lesson for a kindergarten level class all about shapes. I think this website can be used to teach simple lessons like this one, or more detailed ones. Either way I think it would work well for any type of lesson or story. I can see myself using this in the future for many different things in the classroom. It was very easy to use.

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  1. Nice example of using Book Creator for making a lesson. I especially like how colorful and engaging it is. Good idea to give them both the geometric shape and examples of it that they would be familiar with.

  2. Thanks for sharing Josie! Your book looks great and really shows the different shapes in a way younger students can see.

  3. Josie, I like colorful backgrounds and style you used for this book. I also like that you added in real life examples identifying each shape.

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