All About Miss Haakenson’s 1st Grade Classroom

Using Book Creator, I published a book for my first grade classroom. This book would be used as a resource for my students to get to know their peers and classmates. This website is very easy to use and I enjoyed making the book. I can see myself using this in my future classroom!

2 Replies to “All About Miss Haakenson’s 1st Grade Classroom”

  1. Allie, I like the idea you chose for this project! I like this project for building class community and student relationships.
    Our ideas were somewhat similar and I used the same background picture as you without even seeing you had the same one! – great minds think alike (:

  2. Since you and Braelyn have great minds that think alike – I’ll use same comment for both:
    Great idea for using Book Creator. Would be fun to have students make video or audio recordings of themselves. You could have students each start a short book of a few pages, then you can combine into one. (I think that works with free version) I do know that if you get the paid version, you can turn on collaboration and get your students working in teams on the same book.

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