A Future Letter to a Past Self

April 19, 2033

Dear former me,
It seems like only yesterday, I was at UP.  It was the spring term, 2023. 

So much has happened since then …

You did an amazing job with PACE out in Fairbanks. You were provided a difficult challenge in an area you were completely unfamiliar with and you tackled it with grace. You were able to keep those fifth graders in check, and in the end, it was a valuable learning experience not only for them, but for you as well.
You learned about the challenges of teaching with no team, you learned about moving to an area with little support in the ways that you were accustomed to. You learned how people live so far north without sunlight for months on end, in a land where everything is an import and the prices can get quite high for items you took for granted prior.

You returned to Oregon, and applied to work in the brand-new elementary school opening the very year you graduated with your masters in the WLWV District. You got in.
Your commute is much closer, your students are lovely, and your prior connections in the community/district have proven fruitful in the years following.

You started your homework club like you wanted, and have been helping those who lack the support at home, or need extra one-on-one help in their studies and assignments. Sometimes it's a thankless job, and it doesn't always meet the results you wish for students, but any help is good help.

Lastly, you are happy. You have been worrying for the last 16 years, and you have finally reached a point in your career where you can rest and be happy.


Sources: Image by Noel Bauza from Pixabay

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