1,2,3! Count with Me!

Wooden Number Blocks by Susan Holt Simpson on Unsplash

Math Learning Activity for Kindergartners

Hello Kindergarteners! Today we will be looking at numbers and counting together as a class! The objective of today’s lesson will be learning about numbers and practicing our counting by looking at pictures! The context of this lesson is a math learning activity for Kindergarten.

In each block, we will look at two ways a number can be represented and we will practice counting using the images presented in this activity. Let’s get started!!

Can you tell me the number you see in the image on the left?

Two, that’s right! Now let’s practice our counting together by looking at the picture of the apples on the right! How many apples do you see?

Let’s practice a different number…

Can you tell me the number on the first slide?

Four, good job everybody! Now can you count the birds on the log in the second slide? How many birds do you see?

Great job! Let’s move on to our last number for the day!

Can you tell me the number you see in the image on your left?

Six! That’s right! This one is a bit tricky… let’s look at the picture of the cookies on the left, can you count out loud for me and tell me how many cookies are in the image above?

2 Birthday candle image by Kelly Sikkema from Unsplash

Two apples image by BRRT from Pixabay

Number 4 image by Junaid Ahmed from Unsplash

4 Birds image by Srivatsa Sreenivasarao from Unsplash

6 Ballon image by Natasha from Unsplash

Six stacked cookies image by Whitney Wright from Unsplash

2 Replies to “1,2,3! Count with Me!”

  1. Kaelyn,
    I like the tone. Good choice of “voice” – consistently speaking directly to the students from the title throughout the activity.

    Good choice of images to support the task. An attractive and well crafted post that invites the student to participate.

  2. I love how you used the pictures to show the number then a real-life example of how students would see that number. The entire post looks great!

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