Class 3: Our Tech Lives

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In today’s class we will explore the role of technology in our lives – how do we use it, how does it impact us, what works (what doesn’t) and implications for teaching and learning in the digital age.

Students will work in teams to interview one another and distill some answers to our questions. We will work through a consensus building process to develop shared class point of view (POV) on the role of tech in our lives.

We will conclude by discussing how technology impacts teaching and learning.

Assignment 3: Our Tech Lives | Tech Lives Posts 22-A3

Students will develop a web post that builds on or responds to our class discussion of our tech lives. You might be inspired by ONE of the following prompts.

Don’t forget your clever title and featured image. Feel free to use images and embeds to illustrate your writing. And it’s a chance to be creative – instead of an essay – why not write a poem or record (and embed) a TikTok? Or a Pinterest

  1. What is your personal relationship with the technology in your life? Here’s a chance to reflect on a personal level. Are you addicted to social media? Does tech improve your life?
  2. Interview people from other age groups (younger siblings, parents, grandparents?) What role does technology play in their lives? How is it similar / different from other age groups?
  3. How does technology impact teaching and learning?
  4. Another prompt / approach to explore the role of tech in our lives or schools

TIP: If you want to add poetry or formatted text use the “Verse Block”

There was a farmer who had a dog,
And Bingo was his name-O.
And Bingo was his name-O!

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