How are YOU feeling?

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Good morning 1st Graders! Today we will be talking about our emotions. Sometimes we have these feelings that we can’t quite describe. The main objective for today’s lesson will be focusing on our well-being and how to identity what emotion we may be feeling at a given time.

sergeitokmakov  from happy cartoon image

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

So first graders, from looking at the 1st image in the slideshow, can you tell me what emotion you see? (Students would most likely say happy because the emoji is smiling and has raised eyebrows)

Now, by looking at the 2nd image in the slideshow, can you tell me what features the little boy has on his face that makes you know that he is happy?

Photo by Artem Nedzelskiy on Unsplash

1st graders, by looking at this picture of this little girl, can you tell me how she might be feeling? (Students will most likely respond with sad or lonely) Now students, how many of you have felt sad before? (Students raise their hand, if a couple of students are able to share their story if they are comfortable, they may do so with the class).


Surprising_Shots on Pixabay (Image before)

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash (Image after)

1st Graders, please look at the before picture and can you describe what is happening in the picture? (Students will most likely say that the little boy is walking somewhere)

Now can you all look at the after picture and describe what emotion the boy has on his face? (Students will most likely respond with angry) Why do you think that the little boy is angry? (Students will be able to explain that the little boy is angry because he brought his bike to the park and then the playground was closed when he got there)

Now that we have learned what happy, sad, and angry are, we will be able to understand and describe how we are feeling at any point of the day!

4 Replies to “How are YOU feeling?”

  1. Hi Kasidy! I think teaching students about their emotions is SO important and I liked how you incorporated these images to do so. Having students raise their hands if they’ve ever felt sad before is a good way for them to visually see that they are not alone in their feelings. This is a great lesson!

  2. Kasidy,
    Good choices on images to display emotions. Good scaffolding questions. All will likely get the response you are looking for.

    The before and after raises an interesting task for students. It also might be fun to have them decide on sequence of photos and create and share their own narratives to explain. Lots of options here.

  3. Hi Kasidy!

    This lesson is the perfect way to use images to help students begin to think through emotions and see how they might look in the real world. This might be really fun to pair with a “show me what you look like when you’re sad.” It’s a little tricky to see through their masks, but it gets them engaged and having fun with it! Excellent job!

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