Class 2: Digital literacy

This class will lead off with a review of our thinking on this pilot course design. We will gather our ideas using this shared Google Doc.

Next, Peter will do a presentation “Teaching and Learning in a Digital World.” It explores the impact of new technologies and answers the question: Digital literacy handout 2.1 MB pdf

“So what happens in schools, now that life’s become an open book test?” 

We will explore the “new digital literacy:”

  • Find, decode and critically evaluate information
  • Curate, store and responsibly share information

To hone our digital literacy skills, we will explore search techniques with a focus on finding public domain or Creative Commons licensed content: including images, video, and audio. For more information on public domain searches visit our edtech methods toolkit / Digital Hygiene

We will incorporate some note taking tools to explore digital storage and curation – Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, Google Keep and Google Spaces. This will allow us to also do a comparative analysis of these note taking tools.


See assignment page – Find, Curate, Store

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