Water Cycle Jamboard

Hi fifth graders! Today, we are going to review what we learned about the water cycle yesterday.

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

Turn to your neighbor and discuss these vocabulary words.

  • Runoff
  • Precipitation
  • Condensation
  • Accumulation
  • Transpiration
  • Percolation

After you discuss these words with your table groups, you are going to head to Jamboard and create your own water cycle and label the different water cycle terms where they belong and add whatever else you think is missing. You are going to work together and try to make it as accurate as possible! Once you finish, you will be able to compare it to the version we learned from and saw yesterday! We will use this as a guide for when we make the physical models of the water cycle!

You are going to add your own labels to this water cycle! Add any other features you think are missing.

Click here for the Jamboard link!

Goals: to familiarize students with scientific water cycle vocabulary and the processes of the water cycle. This will be helpful for our visual learners. This is a precursor to an activity where students are building a water cycle 3D model!

3 Replies to “Water Cycle Jamboard”

  1. Kate, A clever use for Jamboard. I especially like the illustration you are working with. It visualizes the cycle in understandable elements with lots of space for labels. Great that students first discuss terms before using JB.

    And a 3D model should be fun!
    PS – isn’t evaporation in there somewhere?

  2. Hey Kate, I loved your idea for using Jamboard! It is a great example of how it can be really helpful to teach visuals, like the water cycle. I also like your “tone” when talking to the 5th grade students and your focus on some good vocabulary words.

  3. Kate! This is so fun! I love how it gives the students complete freedom to design their water cycle. It’s also great how you told them right off the bat that they’d be using these models later in the class so they would be more likely to see the importance of their work. Great job and such a fun way to utilize Jamboard!

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