The 5 W’s

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Before students start this activity they will have already gone to the library to pick out a book that they would like to do their mini presentation on during book week. As the teacher, I will show them an example of what their task is by first showing them the google drawing template on the 5 W’s that I created. This includes who, what, where, when, and why. As a class we will read “If you give a mouse a cookie” then we will fill out and brainstorm the 5 W’s together. After students get an idea of what their task is they will have a week to read their book and fill out their 5 W’s chart before presenting the book to the class. They will be assessed on their understanding of the book and how well they explain their book to their classmates. 

This lesson is targeted at 2nd graders in the area of reading comprehension. 

Students will go to the library to pick out any book that interests them. After doing so, they will read their chosen book and if they want to they can take notes on the 5 W’s worksheet that will be provided by the teacher. They will complete the worksheet and get it checked by the teacher. After the teacher approves their worksheet they will start to plan their presentation on their chosen book for book week that will happen the following Wednesday. 

The goal for this lesson is to help students with their reading comprehension along with practicing their speaking/presentation skills. Google drawings has helped me as a future educator because I was able to create a worksheet for my students that will help them to organize their thoughts and ideas. When students have to plan for their presentation they will be able to do this in an organized and easier manner because they can use their worksheet to help guide them. 

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  1. Kasidy, Good use of Drawings as a “presentation planner.” It makes use of “5 W’s” to assist students in reviewing book content and and analyzing their responses. Your lesson idea is well described as well.

    Glad that you like Drawings as a design tool. It is very versatile and remember that while students can use it on their devices, you can also turn the work into a PDF and print it out as a “hard copy” worksheet.

  2. Kasidy, I love this lesson! It is super organized and I can definitely see students having little to no trouble navigating the worksheet since it is set-up so efficiently. I also love that you would be allowing students to choose any book of their interest. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kasidy, good job on your lesson! The material is really simple and clean, and the lesson is straightforward. I would expect students to easily digest the instructions. Being able to recognize the different aspects of a story is very important for comprehension. I like how you show students how to do complete the worksheet first before you let them try it independently.

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