Let’s be honest, the educational world is changing and the integration of technology in classrooms today has become somewhat of a norm for most teachers. Being in a technology-friendly generation, students become more engaged in learning when they are able to work hand in hand with technology. Technology is a great tool to use for both teacher-centered and student-centered lessons. But remember, it is how you use technology in your classroom that matters. We shouldn’t abuse the power of technology. It is a privilege that not many teachers receive, so be grateful, be creative with it, and ENJOY IT WITH YOUR STUDENTS!

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  1. Hi Sabrina!
    Great post. I agree with you that technology is definitely a privilege. If it’s available to you at your school, use it and don’t take it for granted. It’s important that teachers’ make the best use out of the materials they have access to. I’ve been in one classroom that had a smartboard and I loved it! It’s great to encourage student involvement. Students are able to come up and touch the board and be interactive.

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