Let’s be honest, the educational world is changing and the integration of technology in classrooms today has become somewhat of a norm for most teachers. Being in a technology-friendly generation, students become more engaged in learning when they are able to work hand in hand with technology. Technology is a great tool to use for both teacher-centered and student-centered lessons. But remember, it is how you use technology in your classroom that matters. We shouldn’t abuse the power of technology. It is a privilege that not many teachers receive, so be grateful, be creative with it, and ENJOY IT WITH YOUR STUDENTS!

Tech Teachers Make Learning Fun

By: Rylee Seekins

Tech savvy teachers make learning fun! Learning is meant to be engaging, and what better way to engage your students than learning through the use of technology. This allows students to express creativity, explore news way of learning, and participate in unique activities.

Tech Savvy Teachers

Great teachers are those that are engaging! The meme I made highlights this aspect of teachers! In creating my meme, I knew that I wanted to speak about how tech savvy teachers specifically make class exciting. Teachers that are tech savvy incorporate unique activities and fun videos which are engaging to students. I thought this picture of a dog perfectly portrays the way students may feel in a technology based classroom.

A Tech Savvy Teacher’s Classroom

The first box depicts how your grandma may think your classroom looks like today. It includes an old fashioned chalkboard that represents how your grandma may have gone to school. The second box shows how your mom may think your classroom is always a mess with stacks of books everywhere. The third box depicts how you think your modern-day classroom looks like with standard desks and whiteboards. The last box shows how tech savvy teacher’s now teach, with every student having their own laptops.

Tech Savvy Teachers

When it comes to technology, sometimes teachers may have a hard time figuring out what to do or hit a roadblock. It happens. As a teacher, we need to “roll with the punches,” meaning that when something doesn’t go right, we need to move on and not worry about it. I also chose this picture because the corgi has wheels, so it is “rolling” (with the punches).

The Tech Savvy Teacher is…

This meme was made to show that “tech savvy teachers” are up to date. I tried to recreate Ariana Grande’s newest album cover because A) Everyone likes Ariana Grande, and B) I thought it would be easy, but it really wasn’t. I struggled at first to even get the right color and font, but once I figured that out, I could repeat the steps.

I think for teachers to be tech savvy and use technology in their classrooms in the most useful and efficient ways, they should do their best to be up to date on the latest tools, websites, and apps. Knowing what’s new and out there can only help teachers if they decide to use them, and continuing to try to learn new skills and technology resources can add value to the classroom.

Don’t be that teacher…

You know that teacher who has such a hard time keeping up with the ever-changing subject of technology it’s almost concerning? You sit there and watch as they struggle to find the “full screen” button, or can’t seem to login properly, or don’t know how to open a new tab? All you do is cringe and the seconds that go by start to feel like hours.

Don’t be that teacher.

Embracing Technology

This image represents how teachers should approach technology. It also demonstrates the kind of attitude teachers should have towards technology; friendly, open-minded and willing to connect.

Teachers need to embrace the modern world and embrace all the different aspects of technology. By doing this, teachers are able to connect on a deeper and more meaningful level with their engaged students.

This image reflects what I have learnt and am currently learning about EdTech. I am learning to embrace new technologies that are constantly being introduced and how to use them in my future classroom. Although sometimes challenging, incorporating technology in your classroom is very beneficial for students. In five years, I hope that I am in a classroom that has access to technology that I can utilise to my full potential.

We Love Technology

Technology- A Haiku:

Love Technology

We think we know everything

Surely we do not.

Having started my full-time student teaching placement this fall. I thought that I was fairly versed in technology. But after starting this year, I realize that while I know how to use technology for myself and for my own interests, that it is very different to teach with technology. Currently I am teaching middle school science at a 1:1 school where every kid has an iPad. It has been my challenge/ goal this year to find effective ways to use these iPads to enrich this kids science understanding. We also have the 3D printers, Spheros, and various programs like green screens and photoshop that the kids all know how to use. I am slowly working towards learning to love technology and learning to love teaching with technology.

Classroom Quotes

This image and other uses of technology can be used to inspire students in any classroom! Eye catching images can capture students attention and help them to remember quotes, rules, or facts. Using animals or things that your students are interested in can make the message easily relatable. They can make any lesson fun and exciting!

Tech Teacher

EdTech is not something that you can just simply add to a classroom. It takes learning how to apply technology effectively in order to use it, as well as know how and where to apply it in a lesson. There is a perfect balance of technology in every classroom. It takes teacher to know their teaching philosophy/strategies in order to use it correctly and effectively in their class.

Teaching Inspiration

Post this in your classroom to inspire others! Using technology to create images like this one gives your classroom character and personality. Make your classroom original by using technology to create your own posters and help your students learn in different ways. Using fun pictures that your students can relate to makes learning fun!