¿Qué estás dibujando? – A Google Drawing Activity

¿Qué estás dibujando? or “What are you drawing?” is an information gap activity I developed to utilize Google Drawings in the World Language classroom. This activity would involve pairs of students creating images of various vocabulary words from a unit and having their partner guess what they are drawing. This activity could be used in any world language class as a fun way to engage students in vocabulary practice.

Instructions for Students:

1.) Students will be grouped into pairs.

2.) Students will receive a list of vocabulary words from their current unit.

3.) Student 1 will be using Google drawings to create a visual representation of the vocabulary word while Student 2 guesses what it is while they are drawing, Student 1 can provide details as they draw but all communication must be in Spanish!

4.) Once the vocabulary word is guessed students will trade roles and repeat.

Here is the worst drawing of a house ever seen:

The student would guess “una casa” and then switch roles for the next vocabulary word.

2 Replies to “¿Qué estás dibujando? – A Google Drawing Activity”

  1. Very cool and fun idea for vocabulary with a touch of “art.”
    PS – not such a bad house ( you were showing the 3rd grader version, right?)

  2. Cierra,
    I love this. Its like online Pictionary in a different language! I can definitely see students having fun with this.
    And that is not a bad house at all! (I frequently draw houses like that…)

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