Pourquoi le français? Why I’m learning French

The website I created, “Advocating for World Language Education”, is designed as a way for students, parents/guardians, and the community as a whole to explore the purposes and benefits of learning a second language (whether it’s French or any other language). I want to incorporate this into a lesson at the beginning of the year with my first-year students to have them investigate why learning French will be a great thing for them! This will hopefully open them up to the versatility and benefits of learning another language regardless of their plans for the future and help them to become intrinsically motivated learners.

-Students will be able to connect the value of learning a second language with their personal lives and explore how French can be an asset for them in their futures.
-Students will be able to research and articulate a clear argument for the value of them choosing to learning French.
-Students will be able to invest in their own learning and become more self-motivated by building links between the uses/benefits of multilingualism with their personal, academic, and professional goals.

Imagine your parents do not want you to learn French because it “isn’t useful”, unlike something like economics. Using the website below and its links to other resources, create a pamphlet or flyer to convince them that learning French is a great decision! Personalize it to your ambitions, your interests, and how French can be beneficial in your life (now and in the future). Include visuals (photos, charts, tables, data, etc.) to back up your arguments and try to rebut potential counterarguments. Why is French right for you and how will it be important in your life? What do you hope to do in the future and how will learning French help to get you there?


4 Replies to “Pourquoi le français? Why I’m learning French”

  1. Hi Rachel your google site is so organized and well thought out as well as the slideshow that you have on here is so colorful and full of information. You might have convinced me that I need to start learning French!

  2. Excellent design for your site. Great mix of content delivery and guides to more resources. Very well researched and written. Most of all it does a fine job of advocating for language study.

    A great showcase for you and your work.

  3. Hi Rachel,

    WOW! This is such an awesome website, I love how personalized you made it. It is super organized and really shows your personality and passions.

    I like your assignment too! It is very engaging and I like how it allows for the students to talk about things personal to them.

  4. Wow Rachel! Your site is so well developed, organized, and informative. I think it’s a stellar resource for your students, especially when they ask the question, “Why does any of this matter?” Awesome site!

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