Marine Biologists

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My lesson would involve having students use previously learned vocabulary terms about the ocean to determine what all of these photos have in common. Students could then do a report on one of the above sea creatures.

Guiding Questions:

What similarities do you see in these pictures?

What new vocabulary words could you use to describe these images?

What is the main theme of all of these images?



Shark- Allan Lee

Fish- gorfor

Whale Watching- Indi Samarajiva

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  1. This is a really cool idea to build on prior learning and I am sure students would love to see the sea animals pictures and learn more about them, especially if it happens to be their favorite animal. I think that having the students then do a report on their favorite sea animal is a good idea because it lets you assess if they have learned the vocabulary you expect them to know but in a way that makes it fun and interesting for them making them what to do the project.

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