Let’s Take a Trip to the Grand Canyon!!

Grand Canyon Photo by Tim Hart on Unsplash

Target Student Group: 1st Grade

Instructions: Students will listen to a read aloud of Grand Canyon by Jason Chin. The students will then share with the class an interesting fact of what they learned through the read aloud. The students will then gather around the carpet and we will go on a virtual field trip to the Grand Canyon as a class.

Goal for this lesson: Students will learn about the geographical features of a canyon and explore the largest canyon in the United States. Google MyMaps helps meet this goal by letting the students explore the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon.

YouTube Read-Aloud:

Grand Canyon Virtual Field Trip (Google MyMap):

4 Replies to “Let’s Take a Trip to the Grand Canyon!!”

  1. Hi Kaelyn! I love that you started this lesson with a read-aloud which can be a great way to teach content while keeping students very engaged. I also think the idea of a virtual field trip is a great one, especially since the field trips we grew up with are much harder to do because of the pandemic. Your map is super fun and I like that you started all the way back at the airport!

  2. Kaelyn! I loved the use of both YouTube for read-aloud and then MyMaps for the implementation. It was super cool to see how you created a virtual field trip for students. Such an accessible way for students both during this pandemic world we live in and equity-wise as well. This also gives students the opportunity of out-of-state experiences.

  3. Kaelyn,
    I like how you integrate the read aloud with the MyMap. Helps the students to visualize the locations in the book by providing both map location and information about the site. Even have stops for the foodies! Well done!

  4. Kaelyn, I like how you paired your lesson with MyMaps and a book. Your virtual field trip is so fun and I know I would love it as a student. Great job!

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