It’s The Final Braincell: Things That Kept Me Sane in 2020 Quarantine

I never thought I was going to spend 2020 with my family in a global pandemic where we could not leave our house. To be fair, no one did. Quarantine during 2020 was pretty nerve-wracking and time-warpy. I lost track of time; seriously I thought it Tuesday for like 4 days straight and I ate pizza rolls for almost all of those days.

Anyways, here’s what kept me sane during quarantine in 2020. From things that made me laugh, things I repeatedly did and just simple movement around the house while trying not to annoy the rest of my family at 2am.

Movement in a Small Home in Hawaii

For those who may not know, homes in Hawaii are not that big (except the size of the fancy ones). With less than 1300 square feet and 4 other people in the house 24/7, movement or any type of physical activity was hard.

Some Things That Made Me Laugh Uncontrollably


He’s actually a psycho #Spooktember #fyp #catlove

♬ –

They’re both so sweet tho I love my babies #cat #quarantine #fyp #foryoupage #xyzbca

♬ –

Some Music and Shows I Found During Quarantine That I Love

I cannot recommend music without mentioning Tyler Childers. I’m not a big fan of modern country but he is one of the few exceptions. This particular song came was released at the height of Black Lives Matter protests last year. Childers challenges the notion of what it means to be a rural white Appalachian (mostly his entire fanbase) and asks them to show compassion and empathy for marginalized communities.

Conclusions and Some Serotonin

I will admit, there are many more I can add to these categories but most are not appropriate to write in this blog post to be honest. That and I cannot embed pictures yet but feel free to message me if you wanna see some cardboard surfing we did by a ditch across from our house. I also have funnier videos to share if you’re comfortable with swearing.

In conclusion, though, quarantine was absolutely the worst and I could not form any intelligent thoughts. Please wear a mask and have some serotonin posted below:

3 Replies to “It’s The Final Braincell: Things That Kept Me Sane in 2020 Quarantine”

  1. Hi Sophia, I really related to this post! Quarantine can seem dull, but it’s fun to discover new things you enjoy! I also love that meme of the baby being baptized. I remember seeing that back at the beginning of quarantine and thought it was hilarious

  2. Sophia-
    Thank you for sharing all of this!!! I understand the difficulty of keeping track of time and still have that issue myself! Did you go stir crazy while house-bound? I know I would…I loved the social distancing baptism and the cat videos. I, too, LOVE Derry Girls! I was fortunate enough to visit Northern Ireland and they have a mural of the cast there. If you like that show, you might like Call the Midwife (also on Netflix). It is about a group of midwives working in Poplar, England during the 1950s/1960s. I also had never heard of Tyler Childers even though I am a pretty big country music fan (an outrage I know). His style goes back to older country music and I like the cadence, although not necessarily the politics. It was definitely unique among more modern country music. By the way, that title is so good. I can hear the music to go with it…

  3. Sophia,
    Thank you for this lovely post! I love those TikToks, they had me laughing too! Also, Animal Crossing 100% counts as movement and physical exercise, no question! lol! You also have such a creative title!

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