I’m From People, Places, and Things

I come from different and various landscapes,
I come from my family,
I come from my friends.

I come from the Pacific Northwest: from Portland and from Whidbey Island.

Wherever my heart is, wherever my people are: that is home.
https://express.adobe.com/page-embed.jsI'm From People, Places, and Things

Why Adobe Express?

  1. Similar to that of Canva, already understood design website.
    • The interfaces are similar, Canva has a similar layout and similar tools to that of Adobe Express.
  2. Adobe Express is an application I have used before.
    • I have used Adobe Express when it still was Adobe Spark. However, the updated Adobe Express is even simpler to maneuver than Spark was.
  3. I like how simple it was to preview and user friendly it is.
    • Being able to easily click on button to view a preview rather than jumble around to find a perfect preview of the presentation was nice.
  4. I like the creative uses of images in Adobe Express.
    • Last, but not least, I love how there were multiple ways to display images whether it was solo, as a background, within a photogrid, or my personal favorite, a Glideshow.


Photo by Cristofer Maximilian on Unsplash

2 Replies to “I’m From People, Places, and Things”

  1. Hi Georgina! You included some great photos and I like how you displayed them in various formats. I love those photos in the first collage! I also appreciated how thorough you were in your reasons for using Adobe Express.

  2. Georgina, enjoyed your story. We’ve been to Whidbey Island a bunch. Such a cool place. You are well grounded in PNW. Nice to hear you’re experienced with Adobe. Solid reasoning on why you liked it. A powerful suite of apps

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