How am I graduating in six days??

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Well its finally May 1, and we made it! Congratulations to all my fellow seniors on graduating and making it through student teaching!!

Graduation aside, I think in reflecting on this course, I can see that I have made a large amount of growth in my attitudes towards and comfort with educational technology.  Before this course, I saw it the way that many of the other teachers at my school viewed it, as a substitute for traditional pen and paper work, that was now to be done on a tablet or computer.  While that is fine if that is how you want to run your classroom, I have discovered that it is much more my style and my preference to have the students guiding the learning with the technology being the avenue through which they make discoveries, rather than me leading the instruction and them doing work on the computer.

I think I also gained more resources that I can pull into my practice going forward, and it has helped me feel more comfortable with experimenting and trying something new that I couldn’t have thought would work in the past.   Overall, I have found this course to be rewarding and a valuable experience to have during this hectic, but wonderful semester.

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