Final Reflection

1.) What did you learn about the intersection of technology and instruction? What was you progress on becoming a tech-savvy” teachers?

  • This class was super beneficial in exploring how to use educational technology in the classroom. The supplements that we were taught, I have already used in my classroom and will have in my toolbox for future teaching to come. I really enjoyed learning how to use all the different educational technology over the 13 lessons, I didn’t realize there was so much out there to use for free. With technology playing such a huge role in today’s society it extremely useful to use these applications when presenting material to my students and to have them use for projects. Before taking this class I was everyday tech savvy, but now I’m extremely tech savvy because I know how to use 13 different applications that are educationally beneficial for my teaching practice.

This class was driven by mini-projects instead of test and papers. How did you respond? What does that tell you about student motivation?

  • I really enjoyed how every class was a small lecture/ overview of the applications and then we were set free to explore how to fully use them. I was fun to make projects as we were exploring how to use new applications. I really liked how we had to comment on other students because we were able to learn about all the people in our class. Also we were able to see how different people used the applications for their lessons/ classrooms and really gave me lots of ideas for future teaching. I really think that the motivation came from having fun activities and positive energy from the whole class as well as the teacher.

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