Explore the Outdoors in Oregon

Authors: Kali Tagomori-Lai and Allie Haakenson

This interactive map will help students (2nd-3rd grade) to understand that there are many outdoor parks that are located in Oregon. The students will be given this map as an instructional piece to help them identify just a few of the state and National parks in Oregon.

They will then be asked to take this map and figure out the distance between their school and the listed state parks. They can also find other state parks that they can identify. At the end, they will have a writing prompt about the outdoors/ nature and submit it for credit.


3 Replies to “Explore the Outdoors in Oregon”

  1. I love the idea of not simply looking at the map but having the students figure out the distance from the state parks to their school! It ties in the personal connection that really makes a lesson meaningful!

  2. I like how you have easily incorporated geography and math in this lesson. Allowing students to find other state parks within this lesson was a good idea as students may engage in the lesson with an anecdote from their own visit to the park or even gain insight on a unfamiliar state park that is right in their own backyard.

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