EdTech Methods: Yet Another Class I Wish I Took Earlier

When I entered my student teaching year, I barely knew how to construct a lesson plan. I didn’t know how to design a lesson to achieve learning targets. I didn’t know what a unit plan even really looked like. I got overwhelmed and barely caught up.

If EdTech Methods was a semester or two earlier, I would have really been able to use more of this stuff in my teaching earlier. Now it’s the end of the year and I know my way around Google tools like none other and I feel this weird guilt that I wasn’t good enough throughout this class and definitely not good enough for my students. I want EdTech earlier than the last semester at UP. It deserves to be earlier, but still close to student teaching. I say that purely out of the fact that I feel profoundly more confident in a hands-on type understanding of classroom technology and wish that was the case before I had such a turbulent year.

Basically the only complaint I have is that I found the blog difficult to navigate. Is WordPress the best site for this? I don’t have any alternatives because the knowledge of educational technology I trust is exclusively from this class.

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